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Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies is a class that meets the needs of individual students. I use differentiated learning to address these needs and build up strengths.

 In my class we do testing, journals, Khanacademy.org, centers, resource help, job training activities, and many other activities. 
My students final test grade is based on a portfolio we are creating throughout the year. The students are required to take an active role in their portfolio. This is why many units or activities are not sent home.
  • Grades based on Journals/ Daily writing, participation/attitude, and coming to class prepared (homework, paper, pencil, books, work that needs additional support, and number of times they need to go to their locker). 
Unit of Study you will see throughout the year will be:
  • Students Around the World
  • Resume Building
  • Research Papers
  • Grammar IS IMPORTANT
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle