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Ms. Walker

Greetings from Ms.Walker,
    I am a new teacher at Georgetown Ridge Farm High School.!!! At GRHS I am one of the special education teachers, along with co-teacher in Geometry Concepts, Biology, and Algebra I! Besides my duties throughout the day I have joined other staff in helping the Junior class. Being a Junior Class sponsor has been fun and allows me to get to know the students. 
     What you should expect in my classroom..... Test help, building study skills, administering interventions such as Algebra/Geometry  Rescue, Ladders Reading program, Great Leaps Reading program, 6 minute solutions, and leveled reading material, Journals, Homework help, Khan academy, and Aims Web testing  
      A new adventure I have become a part of is Project Success.  Project Success is an  after-school program that offers homework help, enrichment activities, and technology support. With Project Success I will be hosting a book club, bow making classes, and helping with Jazz Up the School!! Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Resources for students at home or after-school:
Khanacademy.org offers over 300,000 educational video, tutorials, and practice questions. 


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