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Khan Academy

What is the Khan Academy?

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit education website.  It contains thousands of videos on a variety of topics like Math, 
Science, Humanities, Finance, Economics, and Test Prep. It can be very helpful if you are stuck on a topic... Especially in math!

When students are given a username and password through the school to use on Khan Academy, they can add their teachers as a coach and it will track their time usage on the Khan Academy and progress through some additional lessons.

Many of the teachers are offering extra credit for time spent on the Khan Academy!  Make sure you ask your teacher if this is being offered.  

Talk to Mr. Harmless if you would like a Username and Password to use with Khan Academy.

All of this and it is free and easy to use.  What more could you ask?

How do I get on the Khan Academy?

First you need to get a username and password from Mr. Harmless.  Your username will be firstnamelastname@grf.k12.il.us and Mr. Harmless will give you a unique password.

Once you have these, go to the Khan Academy by clicking here: www.khanacademy.org

In the top right hand corner click "log in".

This will take you to a new screen.  Here you need to choose Google as your log in option.

You will now enter your username and password from the school.

After you log in you will most likely have to click "allow".
(If it is your first time logging in, you will also have to click "accept" first.)

Now that you are logged in you will have to add a teacher as a coach.  In order to do this, you need to go to your Khan Academy profile first.  You can get to your profile by hovering your mouse over your username in the top right corner.  You will see a link for your profile show up.

Click to go to your profile and then choose the coaches option in the left column.

You now need to enter your teacher's e-mail so they can be your coach.

You can also add each other as coaches.  Feel free to add Mr. Harmless as your coach so he can see how you are doing in Math!

What can I do on the Khan Academy?

Here is an overview video of what the Khan Academy offers.

How can I get help with the Khan Academy?

Please come down and see Mr. Harmless to get any help logging in and using the Khan Academy.